Are Natta & May your real names?

No, and Natta is not blonde either.

Do you work by yourselves?

Unpardemedias is Natta & May but we also work with other colleagues sometimes.

Do you make just wedding videos?

No, in fact we’ve become videographers after years of photography (May) and editing (Natta).

We’ve been working in advertising, TV, events… We think our experience give us a full perspective to tell the story our clients want to be told.

Do you also make photo or just video?

At weddings, we just make video but if you want to, we can recommend some photographers with similar style. Sometimes we make photography too, but only in very special occasions (some events or products). Now our main interest is video.

Where are you located?

We live in Madrid although we are from Asturias. And we can move from Cádiz to Miami. You just whistle and we’ll be there.

How do your prepare and make wedding videos?

We like chatting over beers or skyping with you before. We like making a lot of questions to know you and your expectations. Also we like you tell us what matters to you because we’ll try our best to allign to your needs.

Oh, you got me! How can we get started?

Just contact us through our web or email. If we both get the vibe, we will work together on the contract terms and a prepaid amount to make it happen.

How long does it take to produce the video?

Approximately 6 months after the wedding date. Sometimes before. It depends on the amount of work. But it’s important you understand that we don’t make videos in an automatic way and sometimes it takes time. But of course we can talk to each other, don’t worry.

And... why this name?

Unpardemedias is “Apairogtights” in English. It became our company name because that is what we were wearing in our heads in a bank when suddenly the idea of being videographers came to our mind.

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