Natta Melatta

Excessive, impulsive, loud, emotional, contradictory, intelligent, quick, loquacious, sensitive… Natta is all of this and all of this is reflected in her work, in her overview of the world. In the totality of the tasks she accomplishes, we perceive the perfect balance between the unique, the personal and the capacity to reaching everyone clearly and straightforwardly.
At first not seeming to be overly elaborate, the truth is that her work is the result of endless hours of work at her computer, headphones resonating to everything from Nick Cave to Rocío Jurado. Hopeless cine-file and fashion lover. Deeply inside, always unconditionally looking for anything that may surprise her, a wake-up call to make her grow, to be a better Natta than the previous day.

by Ade




We are:
Friends, before partners. Asturian of heart, Madrilenian by adoption and fans of “better out than in”.

We believe:
In people. In “why not?”. In getting up quickly or staying on the floor laughing.
In taking things in perspective and with a pint. In absolute and heartbreaking love, in what is not love but it´s fun. In through thick and thin and in the good songs which have the power to save the world. In here, now and forever.
In living intensely and not leaving things for tomorrow and in holding onto the good times …for when they´re needed.


May Ramiro

May is a person of short distances, of detailed shots, of intimacy. Of introspective looks suddenly taking impulse and forming, leading you from the most intimate emotion to the wildest laugh.
Behind her compulsive gesture of smoothing her hair, there is a thorough analysis, intuition and sensitivity. The combination of all this, passing in front of her sharp eye (and lens) guarantees that nothing slips by. That´s when you realize that she is showing you exactly what you wanted to see and she has picked up on your essence. She captures those minute details and gestures that become unforgettable.

by Augus


Photos: Nieves Álvarez

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